You have to sign in for the exercise classes until 11/08/2018 at 9am!


Linear Algebra I



Daniel Kalmbach



+49 241 80 92552



In the winter semester 2018/2019, the first year course Linear Algebra I is given by Professor Ghislain Fourier. This course is obligatory for students of the Bachelor's degree programs Mathematics and Mathematics teacher training. It may also be attend by students of the Bachelor's degree program Physics.

Because of the Introductory Course in Mathematics, the lecture will start in the sixth week of the lecture period, that is, on November 12, 2018. You can find all the importatnt information on Okuson. The exercises are organized via the Okuson system as well. You have to sign in for the exercise classes via Okuson until 11/08/2018 at 9am. This registration is only valid for the Linear Algebra I, for the Introductory Course you have to register separately.

Please note that this lecture is hold in German.


Course dates

  1. Lecture dates:
    Monday 2:30pm to 4pm
    Wednesday 10:30pm to 12 noon
  2. Globalübung: Thursday 12:30pm to 2pm
  3. Tutorium: Fridays
    8:30am until 10am (3 groups)
    10:30am until 12 noon
    12:30pm until  2pm
    2:30pm until 4pm (2 groups)
    4:30pm until 6pm (3 groups)